3 January 2023

Illegal immigration a concern at the turn of 20th century (Globe and Mail, 1900): “U.S. Immigrants”

[U.S. Immigrants] (pdfs/news25.pdf)

24 December 2022

Canada does not want to extradite an ex-slave refugee to the US (Globe and Mail, 1860): “In the Name of … Mercy, … Humanity, … God “

The extradition case

30 November 2022

100 years ago British immigrants to Canada were trained in scientific agriculture before departure (Globe and Mail, 1912): “Training Emigrants for Canada”

Training emigrants for Canada

4 October 2022

A Canadian Military Order was issued on this day in 1864 for US Army deserters and refugees (Globe and Mail, 1864): “Important to Skedaddlers: A Canadian Military Order”

Important to skedaddlers

29 September 2022

50 Years ago today Canada started the Ugandan Refugee Operation (Globe and Mail, 1972): “Canadians Sacrifice Hockey to Receive Refugees”

Ugandan Refugee Operation

18 August 2022

75 years ago Canadian families needed domestic workers (Globe and Mail, 1947): “Will select 1,000 DP Girls as Domestics for Canada”

1,000 DP girls

8 July 2022

Historic labour market analysis (Globe and Mail, 1875): “A Letter From Canada”

A Letter From Canada

8 June 2022

110 years ago Among Canadian Newcomers (by Globe and Mail): “A Norwegian Settlement in Central Alberta”

Among New Canadians

24 May 2022

100 years ago (Globe and Mail) Songs on Lips of Newcomers: “Colonist train goes west with happy Slavs, Turks and Italians are no longer enemies”

Songs on Lips of Newcomer

1 May 2022

36 years ago (Globe and Mail) the Chernobyl explosion: “Ukrainian Canadians Wait for News”

Ukrainian Canadians wait for news

18 April 2022

27 years ago (Globe and Mail) Significant Treasures: “Ukrainian Tradition of Decorating Eggs”

Ukrainian tradition of decorating eggs

19 March 2022

73 years ago (Globe and Mail) The arrival of Ukrainian families: “Families Reunite as DPs arrive”

Families Reunite as DPs arrive

1 March 2022

75 years ago (Globe and Mail) Vera Lysenko publishes her book on 50 years of Ukrainian settlement in Canada: “Men in Sheepskin Coats: A Study on Assimilation”

Solid Progress of Ukranians in First 50 Years in Canada

14 February 2022

Lover DP’s reunion, Globe and Mail: “Maid of Mist Lovers: One in Canada, One in the US”

Maid of Mist Lovers

31 January 2022

This week in 1948, Globe and Mail: “DP gains 28 pounds during first month in Canada”

DP puts on 28 pounds during first month in Canada

3 January 2022

This week in 1948, Globe and Mail: “Jews Paid $1500 Each for Forged Passports to Get Into Canada”

Jews Paid $1500 Each for Forged Passports

5 December 2021

This week in 1860, Globe and Mail: “Canadians refuse to extradite a fugitive slave to the State of Missouri”

The Extradition Case

20 November 2021

This week in 1906, Globe and Mail: “at the Canada -US border”

Would not refund fee to intending immigrant

8 November 2021

This week in 1899, Globe and Mail: “Doukhobors are settling well in Saskatchewan”

Among the Doukhobors

19 October 2021

This week in 1918, Globe and Mail: “Spanish Influenza is in Canada, be aware of the new measures!”

London Has Strict Rules

11 October 2021

This week in 1870, Globe and Mail: “Immigrant numbers are going down due to ineffective emigration agents!”


4 October 2021

This week in 1864, Globe and Mail: “An army is being built in Canada with the help of American army deserters and refugees”

Important to Skedaddlers

24 September 2021

This week in 1883, Globe and Mail: “Irish Emigrants running from the famine to Manitoba, British Columbia…”

Emigrate or Starve

17 September 2021

This week in 1871, Globe and Mail: “Newsflash from Halifax”

Latest from Halifax

10 September 2021

This Week in 1854, Globe and Mail: “An Emigrant Woman”

Vicissitudes of a Woman’s Life

8 September 2021

Emigrant Poem in Globe and Mail

An Emigrant’s Farewell
Adieu! all ye scenes of my childhood’s dear home
-With you I no longer can stay
But my heart is the same, and where’er I may roam
-Your memory shall never decay
Anonymous, The Globe: 29 June 1858

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